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Stay Positive Throughout the Day with Daily Zen

Be in control of the positivity you feel by waking up and setting the tone of each day. We want you to be inspired and have the best mental, physical and psychological health every day through the easiest means possible. Gratitude Journal app will help you experience that magical feeling without the stress of looking for a pen and paper.

Reminding Yourself to Be Grateful is One Less Stress Away!

Remembering to be grateful everyday might not be easy and that’s why we are here to help you. While you can get carried away with your daily activities and easily forget to be grateful for each day, Gratitude Journal has set up daily reminders to help you live a more grateful life. We are with you on this mindfulness journey to experiencing pure bliss.​

Relive your Experiences with Memorable Pictures

What is a Journal without your memorable pictures? Visualize your feelings and experiences anytime you read your journal. We are here to help you see a daily recollection of things you’re grateful for in order to impact your mood.


Why Our Clients Choose Us

Out of all the apps I have tried, this is certainly the best. Easy-on-the-eye layout, habits, a journal, a mood tracker among more! I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to be them best self. What’s more, this app is completely free yet you can add unlimited habits, reminders and more! Beautiful layout as well.

ayla o, App Store Outstanding

I’ve tried a few other habit trackers, and Tangerine is my favorite. Beautiful and seamless UI makes it quick and fun to check in with my habits daily, and I really like that you can cross them off from a long tap on the icon as well. There’s also a great flow that maps your mood to factors from the day and lets you write a note— a great way to reflect daily in an app I already use.

Anonymous53462, App Store Beautiful and motivating

I stumbled across this app on Reddit and decided to check it out. Before downloading, I actually poked around the App Store to see if there was anything similar or identical that would give me all the Premium features of this app for free. I found habit tracking apps and I found mood and reflection journaling apps, but nothing that beautifully combined those things into one cohesive app.

TWarren95, App Store Gorgeous and well-designed

"The more thankful I am, the more content I get.

App Store

"Gratitude helps me grow through tough times."

App Store

"I choose to see this season of my life with appreciation."

App Store

"The more thankful I am, the more content I get."

App Store

"Gratitude helps me grow through tough times."

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