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Gratitude App

Gratitude's user-friendly feed eases journaling.

Gratitude App has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation easier for you. Delve into the joyous memories that made you smile throughout the year or explore your mindset from months past.

Make your journaling special for you.

Personalize your journaling experience to reflect your uniqueness and make it personal and meaningful.

Track your mood daily and gain insights

Record your mood and discover valuable insights using the mood dashboard to improve your well-being.

Get reminders

Set alerts for mornings and nights to gratitude a habit and never forget your journaling

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For those seeking even more from their journaling experience, Gratitude’s Premium Features include:

Bedtime Stories

Bible stories for children

Bibically inspired meditation

Features you can enjoy for free

Gratitude offers a collection of free features to elevate your journaling experience:


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